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Mixer Desk


To entertain, inform and provide great local radio programming, serving our advertisers and listeners with intentional excellence in the Texas Hill Country.

Core Values


This isn’t a J-O-B. We all act like we own the place.


We focus on our blessings.


We simply get ’er done.


We pass the negatives up. The positives around.


What can I do?


If we seek to serve first, blessings will follow.


We do not make decisions based on fear.


Strive for excellence in all things.


We are team members, not employees.

Current Openings

Oppourtunities coming soon... 

The Ranch Radio Marketing Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Fill out an application to submit to us or attach & submit your resume below. 

Send Resume to

We’re Hiring


Below are some of the different types of careers available in the radio industry.  The Ranch Radio Group is a growing company and will be sure to let you know right here and on the radio when we need to add new team members.




  • Brand Managers - radio personalities that are responsible for the sound and the brand of a radio station.  

  • Production Director - responsible for the creation of radio advertising and creating the content of station branding on air. 

  • Engineers - Radio Frequency (RF Engineers) Install broadcast equipment, maintain broadcast equipment, troubleshoot problems, repair broadcast equipment, and recommend enhancements.


  • Administration - Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable,  and Human Resources


  • Sales  - An Account Executive (AE) is responsible for developing, closing and maintaining advertising accounts for radio stations.

  • Traffic Manager  - The Traffic/Continuity Manager juggles the programming, commercials and breaks, ensuring they start and stop at the correct times without any accidents in a seamless communications flow. They have ultimate responsibility for the daily broadcast log generation and reconciliation and oversee input and affidavit processes for all network communications

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